Four Journalists Felony Rioting

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The comment with this link is hilarious. The person said something along the lines of “Looks like the Ministry of Truth is upon us”. The person is parroting the 1984 meme that has suddenly arisen, because someone had to use the words “alternative facts” in a statement. It really infuriates me that the left is trying to use the 1984 argument against us, especially since we have been using this argument for so long…. like the entire election cycle and even before. The NEO-PROGRESSIVES are the THOUGHT POLICE.  The LEFT wants to silence freedom of speech in order to protect “muh feelings”. The NEO-LIBERALS want to destroy history because certain things might depict controversial topics. The LEFT completely demonizes any outside opinion, shutting it down asap. The LEFT has become BIG BROTHER. And the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has been spewing “alternate facts” for so long(This NYT article is a perfect example). Get the fuck outa here with that shit. But that’s a whole nother topic.

Anyway, look how easily people are swayed into thinking in certain ways. This headline is so fucking misleading. It is pushing an ALTERNATE FACT, one that is saying that Trump is becoming a fascist dictator that wants to control the media.  AND PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT. They will literally just read the headline and then cry to their friends about how Hitler is ressurected.

Let’s get some actual FACTS on paper. The riot Police MASS-ARRESTED groups of people because the protest was getting out of hand… it turned into a riot. They didn’t fucking run into the crowd looking for four specific journalists. They grabbed who ever was in the crowd, no discrimination. Okay so now that we know four journalists were accidently grouped in with the portestors, will they be charged with felony rioting? NO. Three were already released according to this tweet:

So please, stop with your new Trump 1984 Hitler Fascism Meme.


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