Individualism, Collectivism, Determinism.

Individualism grants equality to everybody, whereas Collectivism, something employed by progressives, leads to the censorship of certain groups. Collectivism always creates an in and out group, the in group will always ostracize the out group, deeming their ideology/opinion detrimental and therefore illegal to a society.

It’s funny how progressives are for “equality for all” and yet place the opposition automatically into stereotypes, i.e. privileged white male, misogynist white males, uncle tom, whenever faced with opposition. And they are so deluded by their high horse virtue signaling that it’s impossible to argue against them.
They believe in “micro-aggression” which leads to literally anything and everything being banned simply because it might offend someone, i.e. costumes on Halloween.

Progressives call for special status of certain groups, and in doing so they divide Americans into race, class, and gender. You have to understand, individuals achieve equality under the law. Please read the Magna Carta. The state cannot violate the rights of the individual, it is there to defend them, but when you implement Neo progressive ideals you are violating all sorts of rights of the individual.

I believe that people can be taught to better themselves as long as the weakness of their being, or their community, is acknowledged. Social Determinism only places blame. We cannot “change” our society and expect it to better the community. We must change them individually in order to better their community.

It’s their culture that is self-defeating and not the entirety of society.
To a social determinist, society determines who you are. Your behavior is explained by social factors and not by your decisions. So you cannot be held morally responsible for any action.

“INJUSTICES TO INDIVIDUALS ARE IRRELEVENT SO LONG AS THE GOALS OF THE COLLECTIVE ARE INTACT”. i.e. fire a bunch of males from jobs so that there is a 50/50 percent demographic to have equality.

Any opposition is immediately labeled morally inferior in order to avoid addressing the merits of the argument. For the in-group, foreign ideas are completely shut out.
Neo-progressives will discriminate against individuals whose inherent qualities don’t fit the diversity quota. Progressives like to think they are speaking for an entire demographic as if everyone in that demographic agrees with them.

Neo-progressive ideology relies on broad and inaccurate stereotyping to establish and maintain its world view. To suggest to a Neo-progressive that we do not live in a society where white people have white privilege, is to oppose everything about the Neo-progressive understandING of western society.

They believe all women are oppressed by the patriarchy. They believe all men are inherently likely to rape someone.

To be a Neo-progressive you must also believe in Political Correctness, and therefore you make use of Thought Terminating Rhetoric. Neo Progressives are promoting authoritarian values.


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