Social Determinism

Social Determinism is a philosophy that is too broad in its scope to be argued against. Any sort of determinism destroys the idea of free will so I am surprised that anyone would follow it so strongly.

Social Determinism places all blame on society or groups in society for the immoral actions of certain people, so basically no one except a selected group of people should be held responsible for a tragedy… i.e. white Americans being the cause of the Dallas shooting, i.e. corporate America being the cause of people becoming obese.
So what about the homeless people, is it society that is at fault? Not their personal choices? Why is it only societies fault when black people do things wrong and when white people do things wrong it is their own personal will at fault? Is it also societies fault for certain white and black people doing so good?

Social Determinism is fucking retarded because it is always applied selectively in order to place blame…. It denies the idea of free will and then suddenly blames the free will of people who are supposedly responsible for the actions of others. Thats some illogical ass bullshit. Also if certain cultures outperform others, why dont we indoctrinate the lesser culture to help them improve economically? I’m assuming you think thats racist? This is why black lives matter activists will never learn, they victimize themselves and blame society, Its incredible how Neo Progressive Social Determinists bend reality into the favor of selected groups.

Obviously there is always outside influence, but it is through  free will that we choose which influences sway our actions.

Ignorance is a choice, not something that is unavoidable.

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