What The Left Needs to Know

  1. No. We are not the fascists. We do not want to impose our views on you. We want to be free to have our views and free to make our own choices. Just like we want you to be free to do the same.
  2. YOU are the fascists. YOU are the ones pushing an authoritarian narrative where YOU are the ones in power. YOU want to get to choose what is right and wrong. YOU will force your beliefs on other people. YOU want to control how people think and what they do.
  3. And why do you want to do that? Because you are some Social Justice Crusader, galloping on your high horse, drunk off the constant virtual signaling that fills your echo chamber. You boost your ego as you proclaim to be a defender of the oppressed, but you don’t realize that you contradict yourself every step of the way. You claim to promote the progress of total equality and yet you constantly divide people up into groups. You raise some groups up to high platforms and then lower others. You say this group of people are victims. You say this other group of people are to blame and deserve to be punished. You constantly mention the ethnicity of someone. You constantly bring up the gender of someone as if it has something to do with the situation.
  4. YOU are the ones who are racist. YOU are the ones who are intolerant and bigoted. Equality is definitely not your goal. You continuously use race as a platform for your decisions. You only see the color of a person’s skin, or what is between their legs. You do not care about their opinion, but rather if they are part of a minority or majority.
  5. And the worst part? You are allowed to spew hate speech without repercussion. You promote violence against the outside group. You are literally trying to oppress this group, by definition. That is some crazy fucking mental gymnastics. YOU are so righteous in your cause to disavow labeling and prejudice, yet you literally label an entire population of people, assuming they all think a certain way.
  6. You live by absolute identitarian politics where every person part of sub-group must think exactly alike. This furthers the collectivist ideology that you praise. You do not allow for different opinions. If a person part of a minority opposes your ideas, you ridicule and demean them as if they have been tainted by some hellish evil. Apparently to you, everyone of a certain race or gender has the same opinion. This goes to show that you definitely only see peoples skin color. You hand out classifications like candy, dividing everyone.

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