Trump’s Executive Order “Muslim Ban”


Looks like the issue regarding permenant residents was addressed–business.html


No, this is not a “MUSLIM BAN”.
The hysteria over this Executive Order is too familiar.. This is not a Muslim ban. This is a hold on immigration from 7 nations. 7 nations on a list created under the Obama administration and approved by Congress. 
And, oh look at that, most of the places with highest population of Muslims are not on the list.
But the EO doesnt mention permenant residents at all, so theres a problem with airports not knowing what to do with those people.
Whoever drafted it screwed up in that regard.
This automatic outcry from the left and the news media( which pushed the fake news headlines about “Muslim Ban”) is completely ridiculous. Please stop doing this. You continue to prove that the only thing you can do is react emotionally to anything that happens.
First of all, lets make it known now that this is about the Migrant Crisis as a whole. Temporarily banning immigration from these 7 nations and refugees from Syria is all about controlling who is coming into our country, making sure the right people are coming into our country.
Who makes it on the right person list?
  • Will assimilate
  • Doesn’t absolutely hate our country
  • Will contribute to our country
  • Will follow our laws and not try to force their beliefs on us
  • Those who desperately need our help
Now, in order to have this control, you have to have a strong system in place to vet those wishing to enter the country. We didn’t have a good system in place:
So whats the best course of action??? Precisely what Trump did. STOP immigration from certain countries and stop the influx of refugees, until we have a better system in place. This is NOT AN ETERNAL BAN, it is temporary. Read the damn Executive Order before you let buzzfeed tell you the world is falling apart.
Many migrants are not even fleeing war. They are economic migrants.
Save the woman and children right?….. but do you know that 73% of Europe’s asylum seekers in 2015  were  males, YES 73%. …
42% being YOUNG-ABLE-BODIED Adults, young men who see an opportunity to take advantage of a broken system.
Now, since the majority of the  population of these 7 nations is Muslim,  lets look at some statistics about how Muslims think throughout the world. Because we want to keep out people whose interests are against the United States and what it stands for.
Here is a whole bunch of surveys conducted by the PEW Research Center, regarding how Muslims around the world feel about certain topics, including who supports Sharia law and honor killings.
Here is one link to such studies:
The stats speak for themselves, be sure to read them all.
Isn’t that incredible.
So you want to let some people in who think in this way:
I’m Muslim and I enjoy the benefits of living in a liberal secular western country, however I will quite happily campaign to have things that offend me censored and people that offend me arrested and put in jail, because while I enjoy all the benefits of modern liberal democracy, I have no integrity and as such I only want special treatment for me, my religion, and specifically my type of Islam. And if you disagree with me you are an Islamophobe, meanwhile I am quite defeinitely a homophobic sectarian misogynist who wants the right to beat my wife, execute gays and subject non-Muslims to my crazy beliefs against their will.
Obviously not all Muslims want Sharia law and there are generally good Muslims out there. But remember this is not a Muslim Ban, this is a ban to keep out people who hate the United States, to keep out people who will not assimilate, to keep out people who want to destroy our core values.
These countries, with the exception of Iran, are very-very unstable, and there is the problem of jihadi radicalization within them. That is something that Trump is trying to stop from entering our country… people who have been radicalized.
Anyway, lets talk about how terrorists are hiding amongst the refugees.
Terrorists are being smuggled in through our open borders. People literally want to allow these people in solely because they want to virtue signal about how morally good they are. They fail to see the problem. They don’t care about whether or not these refugees like our country, they don’t care if these refugees will assimilate, they don’t care if some of the refugees are terrorists who plan to kill innocent people, they just NEED TO HELP THEM——– that is literally it. They, mighty on their moral high horse, will be the saviors of these frightened people. They have no plan, they just “know” it’s the right thing to do.
Be compassionately intelligent” – “All human desires are infinite, all human resources are finite
both quotes from Stefan Molyneux’s recent video:

 I implore you to watch this. Stop being so blind to your emotions. Slow down and think. Think about what you are saying. You want to help these people? GREAT! But do it intelligently, don’t just think “oh wow, this feels good, it must be the only right way to go about the situation” .
To end this article I would like to leave a video called With Open Gates. It showcases aspects of the Migrant Crises. It is important that you watch this.

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