Student Faces Court For Facebook Racism

So three students are being sued for a post on facebook. One student entered a lab reserved for a certain “race” of people
and was asked to leave by an indigenous woman. That student went on facebook and wrote “Just got kicked out of the unsigned Indigenous computer room.
QUT is stopping segregation with segregation,”. The two other students commented on this post.

A student is being sued over a FACEBOOK POST that in no way is racist. It doesn’t promote any violence or hate. This woman claims that she
feels unsafe leaving her home because she is afraid somebody will offend her with words</b>. She also claims she is unable to return to work
where she is <b>required to be around white people
These woman’s claims are outrageous. It is obvious that she is trying to take advantage of the current “progressive” nature of the political world
to make some money.

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