Racist Painting at Yale



An anonymous comment about this:

I am amazed with some of the reasoning – or lack of reasoning – that I read in the comments here. A stained glass window is a piece of
art and art historically often depicts events, scenes, and periods in human history that are unfortunate and sad but they are part of
who we are and where we have been. The idea that a person can be offended by art and then just willingly destroy it because “they” are
offended is simply giving in to the depravities of simple minds and is absolutely no different than members of ISIS destroying ancient
sites and art in the Middle East because they are offended that it doesn’t represent their faith. What is the difference? Should Native
Americans have the right to visit the famous gallery in Tulsa in order to destroy Fredrick Remington paintings showing U.S. Army victories
over Native Americans during the Indian Wars? Should protestants destroy painting that show the atrocities of the Reformation during the 16th
century. Should Christians destroy art that they find offensive to their faith? Do we really support Muslims who would destroy art and cartoons
that they find offensive to their faith as well? Did we support the Taliban when they destroyed the ancient Buddist statues in Afghanistan?
If you support the destruction of stained glass because it supports slaves picking cotton – something that slaves actually did for a very long
time no matter how wrong you feel it is – than you are likely willing to head down a road that is very scary. Once we are willing to sensor art, what in the world is next?

Nailed it – dead on. When a piece of history is gone, it’s gone forever. That doesn’t mean just for the current generation but for all future generations.
We have done some odious things as a nation – trying to wipe out that history is childish, stupid and unacceptable. Why am I not surprised that the dems/libs
are holding this guy up as a hero? Sad….really sad what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

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