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Michael Flynn resigned (fired) becuase of the anchor he now is bound to over his mistake regarding miscommunication.  It is hilarious, but not surprising, to see the opposition hop onto this and blow it up from a pebble to a mountain. Read his reignation letter. The problem here, is that he either straight up lied to VP and other officials about what he talked about on the phone with Russian ambassador, or that he just forgot certain things. But this doesn’t matter, becuase he left the administration. The opposition immediately painted the picture for their audience “Trump Administration colluding with Russians”, without any facts. No fucking facts to prove their claims. All we know is that Flynn, talked to Russian Ambassador over Obama’s sanctions, we don’t have a full fucking transcript of the conversation, and now Flynn has left the administration obviously because staying in said position after something like this is nothing but a weak point for the opposition to attack. Wait for the full transcript.

I believe it is as simple as, Flynn made a mistake and is resigning because now his repuation would damage the administration. And if Trump knew about this for a couple weeks, I respect him for not leaping to conclusions and waiting on making the right decision. I bet it literally went down like this : “Trump asks Flynn whats up, Flynn explained he messed up and he just talked about this and that. Trump thinks on a way to fix this mishap but ultimately realizes that the best move is for Flynn to step down, Flynn agree’s and he resigns.” But I don’t have any facts to prove this so, take it how you want.

I swear they keep placing nails into their coffin. The media just continuously loses the little credibility it has. The media has pushed itself into constant delusional hysteria. In the beginning they were in control over their shitty reporting, now it has transofrmed into full blown brain-dead sensational reacting.

Just take a look at this shitty NYT article https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/14/us/politics/fbi-interviewed-mike-flynn.html

Here is a quote from it that gets the blood boiling:

“Even more broadly, it underscores lingering uncertainty about the relationship between the Trump administration and Vladimir V. Putin’s Russia, a subject of great interest given American intelligence reports of Moscow’s intervention in last year’s elections in the United States.” 

*Relationship between Trump administration and Russia*. As if YOU CAN’T HAVE A HEALTHY FUCKING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO COUNTRIES. AS IF TWO LEADERS CAN’T RESPECT EACHOTHER. Maybe Trump saw the rising tension between our countries under the Obama administration, and decided he wanted to fix it so that we don’t go to fucking war.

Also the Russian Hackers helping Trump, STILL UNPROVEN, bullshit is the fuel for this fire. The media pushed that shit before, and now they’re just building on top of it. There is literally no proof that Russia was helping Trump win. NO PROOF. But the media took that and ran to the moon. A bunch of “allegedly” and “possibly” shit thrown around. And don’t get me wrong, i am no hypocrite, if Wikileaks released files tomorrow proving that Trump was colluding with Putin to win, I would yell for his impeachment immediately. I’m PRO-American, not Pro-American Puppet…. BUT, until their is proof their is no story. It’s ludicrous, sensationalistic headlines and reports like these that are bogging down the fragile minds of the younger generations.  They continuously see shit like this, what else are they supposed to believe, especially in a system that doesn’t teach us to think for ourselves and question everything, but rather to accept and conform.

Instead of forcing yourself to believe that Russians helped Trump win when there is no factual evidence, focus on why Hillary lost because of the factual evidence. Pay to Play. Foriegn Government Investments. Corruption within the DNC. Sponsoring protests and just flat-out lying to the public. She is the epitome of what you don’t want as a President in a Democratic Republic.

Some random non-factual(not proven yet) comments I saw while reading stuff:

“Flynn was a democrat with a long democrat family history. His family also likes to lobby for Turkey, Muslim Brotherhood”

“Flynn was put there by Obama that alone makes him compromised, remember when Obama got caught by a unknown hot mic that he could help Putin more after he got reelected!”

“These phone call were made in the interest of peace, illegal or not.”

“So the national security advisor talked to a Russian ambassador? What’s the problem again?”

“But if you’re Van Jones and are forced to resign from the Obama regime, you get a job on CNN.”




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