Trump’s First Address to Congress

What a beautiful speech. I could practically hear the opposition screaming internally, but thankfully this was muffled by the grand applause from his supporters.

I watched the stream via a NYT facebook post and of course I was laughing at the comments. Saw a bunch of threats and ad homs- and I noticed when they kind of liked what he was saying they just called him a liar. Great stuff. They are so blinded by the bullshit that was pounded into their brains. The media has done the damage. They were hearing his speech but weren’t listening.

Now, personally I didn’t agree with everything he said, but damn that was good. The other thing that was great was post-speech with the all the media outlets scrambling to “fact-check”.

Let’s wait and see what the Mainstream Media Club has to say about this.

Oh, here is the first thing I found:

What a fucking joke! I wish there was a close-up of their faces when Trump talked about HELPING WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS and about PAID MATERNITY LEAVE

LINK to Entrepreneur bill:

Here is another. Just look at what they inserted right at the very end. They just HAD to do it. And the comments… oh ho ho ho. “Using a recent widow as a political prop, how disgraceful!!!!”.

Don’t even fucking speak about political props. Here is an article from a person DEFENDING OBAMA for using children-political props after it sparked some outrage. There are hundreds of more examples. And on top of everything, SHE HERSELF most likely wanted to be there. SHE HERSELF talked to Trump after her husband was slain. So please, stop. Political Props will always be used for better or worse, and in this case I wouldn’t even call her a prop.



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