Jewish Bomb Threat Hoax

Hahahahaha. This is incredible.

Link to article:

This journalist was caught lying about how Dylann Roof:

Here are the quotes from the article if you are too lazy:

“‘he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked started dating a black guy two years back.'”

“‘white power music stuff,'”

This guy is a prime example of what we hate about the progressive movement, or should I say regressive movement. He is a race baiter. He falsifies information in order to push an agenda. He couldn’t be more openly racist to White People if he tried, it is just that obvious, but he gets no backlash because this is the sort of thing that is accepted by the majority of social media and the mainstream media-apparently black people can’t be racist, and if what ever they say is in support of the collective ideology, or specifically in support of raising a particular minority over everyone else, then it is always is a good thing. Critical Theory???? What is “in” right now, is hating White people, you can’t refute that, and if this guy goes out and is blatantly racist, he is accepted. THAT is what is wrong with your movement.

Just look at what he retweets:

AND THen, the best part is the hypocrisy of these kinds of people, as seen in this retweet:

Just read it. Single out “How has be not been blacklisted for being a racist?”. No Juan, the question is how have YOU not been blacklisted for being racist? How have you not been called out on your blatant racism? And I can answer this question. It is because currently, in the political / media world, these regressive agendas are being pushed aggressively, and then they are used as ammunition for politicians because those politicians know that these things are hot topics, and if they just play along or even if they give in and start believing the bullshit, they will receive more support, more votes. And it goes the same for the media, they see that there is a “Loud” portion of citizens who agree with these things, and so they join in on the fun, also pushing the agenda in order to gain support. It is one big circle jerk. And I think the main reason these agendas are so easy to push is because it is one big virtue signaling hymn. It feels good to believe you are helping people out, and when one side of the argument is labeled as morally imperative, why wouldn’t you support that side? That is the hidden face of these issues. One side is blind righteousness, the middle is intellectual honesty, and the other side is blind opposition. We must all attempt to stay within the middle, because if you veer to far onto the left or right, you either are blinded by compassion or blinded by hatred.

Just remember that this is all pure collectivism. Both the left and the right are victims of this sort of ideology. People use confirmation bias, groupthink, virtue signaling, attention, and all other sorts of things in order to push their arguments, but if they just, for a second, let those things go, stripped themselves  of the hard coded things they believe, truly listened to the person they are debating, and accepted that they may be wrong and might have something to learn… then and only then will we have true, intellectual discourse, then and only then will people see the flaws in the media, the ideologies, the movements, and just all the bullshit that is floating around.



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