Goodbye Obama (LATE POST)

Let’s look at what we got under his Presidency

Foreign Policy Disaster:

Covert war that doesn’t make flashy headlines. A total of 26,171 bombs were dropped by the US in 2016 alone. Obama conducted drone warfare that killed 2,753 innocent civilians between 2009 and 2015.

Leaving Iraq the way he did resulted in the birth of a very radical terrorist group that is a bigger worldwide threat than any other. The group was further empowered by Gaddafi’s take down in Libya(Obama agreed to help as a part of a coalition), which threw the Middle East into a worse turmoil than ever before.

He has bombed and dismantled more countries than Bush ever did. So much for that Nobel Peace Prize.

Domestic Disaster:

Expanded NSA spying. Drone Strikes on US citizens.

Has prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other administration. 8 whistleblowers including Snowden.


The biggest disappointment was that he created a stronger racial tension between groups when he could have easily worked to strengthen the bonds. It is hilarious that a “President of the People” has caused so much racial disharmony.  He has discarded the idea of unity and has invigorated the idea of victimhood by embracing identity politics and degrading the idea of the individual. He has fueled the fire that is burning down the bridges between American communities.

Thanks Obama.

And then he goes to say in his farewell speech that “The United States is the most respected Nation on Earth”. Laughable. Then he says “Race relations are better than they ever were”. Again, laughable. Cool speech, though.

Good riddance famalam.


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