White Male Privilege in Court

I created this some time ago and decided to post it now. I got triggered when I saw a bunch of comments with thousands of likes about how White Men use privilege to not get convicted in rape cases, this was in reaction to some recent trials about two separate college white males who didn’t get the severe punishment the masses wanted for them.

Before we get into maths let me lay out a frame: The Frame of Justice. What is Justice? – Read Plato’s Republic for that answer. Justice in the United States depends on one very important logical foundation: Innocent until Proven Guilty. The glory of this rule is insurmountable. Consider it something that holds civilization together. Allowing people to run around and point deadly fingers at people is unfathomable. Just think about it: one day you are an aspiring Physicist, in your first year in college, then suddenly you are being accused of rape and are instantaneously shamed by your peers – your reputation is utterly destroyed – ALL before you even enter a courtroom. In the end you are found not guilty, free but buried under the enormous weight of the social atmosphere that has smothered you for the past few weeks.


Now imagine, regardless if you were guilty or not, you are immediately put to death the day this girl accused you. That is a world without “innocent until proven guilty”. So, all of that was just to hone in on the importance of that rule, but what it does at the same time is show that proving guilt must take effort and not just be applied through he said/she said nonsense. Hard-Evidence is how you prove guilt.

The essence of the stats above and the one anecdotal story is to provide data that paints a different picture about sexual assault convictions and supposed white male privilege. First and foremost, the data says that apparently 15 out of 16 rapists walk free, sixty percent being unreported. – (If unreported how are they part of the statistic?!- anonymous opt in?? I doubt it.) – The other 40% are cut apart until about 16.3% end up convicted. Out of the 40% accused or 40 for the sake of maths, only half are arrested (arrested means probable evidence). Out of the half that are arrested, so twenty, 80% are prosecuted in court, so about 16, and then about 60% of that 16 are found guilty and convicted, leaving us with 9.6 people going to jail. So, in conclusion, from the very beginning, most alleged rapists walk free no matter the race. This can be because of not being reported or there just wasn’t enough evidence.

This study begins with assuming all 100 out 100 persons are rapists. Why people who were not found guilty are still considered rapists is beyond me. So 9.6 get convicted, what race are these 9.6 men? Using the Pew Study above, well, 48.1% of violent rapes that resulted in convictions are by White men and 48.2% by Black men. Wow, an almost exact even split! But ghost! The White population is 73% and Black 13% as of 2016, this means that blacks are disproportionately convicted of rape as opposed to whites, meaning that there is White privilege!!?!?? РNot quite. There are loads of factors that can morph that claim but the reality is-is that there is no statistic available that depicts the amount of accusations+ race of the perpetrator / per year. Thus, we cannot automatically assume that Whites and Blacks are evenly accused each year.


You simply cannot claim that white males have privilege in rape-cases. But I know what the people behind those comments I mentioned before are thinking: While Male Privilege is real no matter what and this is just another scenario in which it shines true. Ask them to provide cold facts and you’ll be called a bigot. They are “right” and cannot be convinced otherwise. I believe this to just be another symptom of the dangerous media sensationalism I have talked about before – If there were 10 innocent verdicts in rape cases that happened in one day, nine of them being with black perpetrators, one with a white perpetrator, depending on the national atmosphere, in this case the black lives matter movement is loud and white privilege is a hot topic, the only case that would be reported on would be the one with the white perpetrator. Simply because it is profitable to the news organizations. They know they will get the clicks and views because it is just what is popular at the moment. The downfall to this practice is that the mindless masses – those whom cannot think for themselves – are fed this shit and then use it as fuel for their fires. This is a very simple example, don’t take it too seriously, just digest the theme.

Our justice system isn’t perfect and will never be perfect, but it does a hell of a lot of good that we should all appreciate. And thankfully it isn’t “guilty until proven innocent” because then everyone would be fucked.



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