White Man Murders Black Man in NYC

Let’s talk about these comments because the news is simple: White man killed Black man in race-related murder.

I will address them one by one.

“racist apologists say you can’t judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few”

Yes this is true. You can’t. That would be very delusional, it’s almost like guilt by association or identity politics. But there is a very stark difference here.

A lone racist is fueled by hatred. An Islamic Terrorist is fueled by religion.

But that doesn’t make their crimes differ in terms of morality. Both are equally horrible.

But that also doesn’t equate the situations. On one hand, you have a premeditated murder influenced by racism, on the other you have a premeditated attack that is influenced by religious faith.

Now say these things out loud. “He just hated black people” then “He attacked Westerners in an act of Jihad”.

You see the difference?

I will condemn all racists and murderers alike, I am not just singling out Muslims in terms of heinous crime. But when you have multiple incidents, reoccurring over and over again, fueled by the same thing, then you are allowed to call that thing out ,and in this case that thing is Islam. There isn’t a white racist “army” killing multiple people every month in multiple countries. There isn’t a christian group going out and terrorizing cities. There isn’t an Irish, Polish, Ukranian etc. terror organization sending over soldiers through our boarders via the refugee program. Don’t tell me that this guy who killed the man comes from a country run by extremists and follows a religion that advocates honor killings.

This is a way of life clashing with our culture, not an isolated incident. NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists. But A LOT are, such an alarming number that there must be effort to make sure your country is not allowing the dangerous ones in. On top of the alarming number, there is an active effort by powerful terrorist organizations to send their units to our countries.THAT is why the migrant crisis must be taken seriously and any action must be thought thoroughly through… Don’t just fucking open your boarders in an act of virtuous compassion. Because that is what all these comments are basically implying; if you don’t open your boarders your an islamaphobe. How about if you support opening your boarders so leisurely you are an incompetent, delusional betrayer of Western Civilization. Blind Compassion is the Ultimate Betrayer.

Some of these sound sarcastic but they aren’t. (FAKE NEWS, I can’t prove this, I am only using intuition)

“Shutdown of white men coming in NYC until we figure out what the hell is going on”

False equivalence.

A citizen of a country traversing its territory is NOT the same thing as a non-Westernized, non-vetted immigrant who is coming from a theocratic, authoritarian country.

We can fully control who comes in to our country, but we can’t fully control what people in our country become themsevles. There is a social-contract we all adhere to as we are raised in a Westernized country. And because of that we mostly feel safe amongst our fellow citizens because we know they were brought up here, they learned in the same schools etc. But when it comes to a foreigner, it is only natural to feel suspicious. There is truly nothing wrong with that, if anything it is the smart thing to feel.

Next up “Why are white community leaders not doing more to speak out against radical white terror? Yes white folks, this is what it feels like”

There is no such thing as radical right terror in terms of some regular, on-going phenomenon, not in the same way that there is radical Islamic terror. Sure there are radical white terrorists, few,  but in this case there should be no “white community leaders speaking out against white terror”, it should simply be the United States as a whole condemning this murder; society condemning a criminal. If white terror was rampant and devastating communities, then sure, the “white community leaders” should speak out.

Also, you are comparing race to religion; a mistake. In the case of Islamic terror, the terrorists use religious belief as motive, and more specifically, actual written statements in their doctrine as a guideline to follow. Therefore, it absolutely makes sense for the religious community, that the terrorist is a part of, to speak out against his/or her actions. It would be literally the same thing if a Christian was a terrorist and killed people in the name of Christ; the Christian community leaders should speak out against that act.

All I see are false comparisons. These are not the same things, not the same situations.

And one more thing to take note is that the Migrant/Refugee Crisis, whatever you want to call it, is far more complex than just pertaining to terrorists. There are economic migrants, authoritarian migrants, these and those migrants. The list goes on. You have to take a look at who you are letting in. What if they get here and don’t want to assimilate? What if they protest around your cities calling for Sharia Law to be enforced? These people are coming from POLAR OPPOSITE cultures, non-compatible with Western values and you expect them to just fit in?

Open your mind.


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