Neil Gorsuch: Mob Mentality

First things first, I am no expert on law and I have my own opinions on certain laws. Second, I support Trump and I consider myself a moderate.

Now, when it comes to a Supreme Court Justice, the one and only job of that justice is to interpret the law in the strictest way possible. That is why, there is a system of courts and the Supreme Court is at the top; the final court. Therefore, the job of a Supreme Court Justice should only be held by people who will interpret and enforce the law exactly as it stands, regardless of how they personally feel about the situation. THEREFORE, when a candidate is up to take the position, only the capability of that person to satisfy that job description should be a matter of debate. The candidates personal views should not be a discussed, literally at all. It isn’t important. This is the exact same thing as when one goes for a job interview in the private sector. You are chosen on your ability and not on your political position. You aren’t asked if you believe abortion should be legal, you are asked if you can do certain tasks, and if you can then you will probably be hired.

The position of a Supreme Court Justice is all about objectivity, not subjectivity. Personal emotion and opinion have no place in such a position. So why is Gorsuch’s personal views a topic of debate?

This article tells you why you shouldn’t vote for him:

” wrote a book arguing that judges should embrace an absolute right-to-life principle in assisted suicide cases”

This is opinion.

“has backed religious challenges to the Affordable Care Act”

This is opinion.

“sided with organizations against workers in a variety of cases”

This was following the law. His opinion had no impact, because he has publicly said he wished it was not that way.

after these three things they get to their main reason, and that is because he was elected by Trump.

This is where my headline comes from, this is where the blind mob reveals itself once again. People literally will not give this guy a chance simply because he is “associated” with Trump. They are drones of the media. And that isn’t to say many of those who side with Republicans aren’t guilty of this, because many republicans are blind voters as well. This is where thinking for yourself becomes ultimately important, if it never was before(it should always be). If you allow media to simply tell you, “x is bad” and believe it, then you are the problem. This is where Fake news arose from. It was brewing inside the web of mainstream and social media, and finally exploded with the election. These mindless people read a cnn article and are completely convinced on the matter. If The New York Times tells them Trump is colluding with the Russians, then they immediately believe it and go online telling their opponents that they are Putin’s bitch. This goes on and on until finally, they are completely convinced that their side is always right and anything the opposition does is automatically wrong. The collective begins.

I didn’t know who Gorsuch was until recently, just like everyone us. And to be honest I wasn’t really interested until the hearing started. I began listening to the hearing on and off, and I can tell you right now, this man has a level head. He definitely impressed me. He had to keep repeating that his opinion has no place in the Supreme Justice position, because many of the opposing side’s questions were about feelings. He composed himself so professionally. He rebutted the arguments with such ease and in such a relaxed way that it seemed the people asking the questions were literally children. The opposition completely failed in trying to bash him, they couldn’t even make a dent. It is amazing stuff.

I may not agree with all his stances, but man, how can somebody hate such a well-composed and logical person? They disregard those traits and hate him for his feelings on certain things. But like I said before and will continue to say, feelings have no place in the Supreme Court, only logic does.


Read these links and digest them however you’d like:

“I have no doubt that if confirmed, Judge Gorsuch would help to restore confidence in the rule of law”

“When people hear the name “Neil Gorsuch,” as qualified as he may be, they should associate him with a constitutionally damaging power grab.”

Links to hearing:



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