What is a Regressive.

A regressive is a liberal hypocrite, a far left fringe mutant going against anything to do with complete liberty. Neo-Progressives, Regressives for short, sectionalize people into groups and censor thought. Freedom of Speech always means Freedom to get offended and Regressives hate that. They can’t fathom a group of people being offended by facts. So what they aim for is to censor and control speech, or just thought in general. Forcing you to say certain things, like *specific gender pronouns* and then disallowing you to ask people “where they are from” because that can be offensive. Regressives also segregate people into groups based on outside appearance and not merit. Therefore, in a regressive eye, African Americans are elevated to a higher status because they are *oppressed* and White Americans are put down into an oppressive group that must be fought at all costs.

It is funny that Regressives use the platform of Liberalism to push their agenda when in reality they are completely against it. Liberalism is all about liberty, ultimate freedoms that cannot be controlled. Regressives want to go backwards and start controlling your freedoms. They want to view people based on their racial identity, which according to most people, is racist in itself, and yet regressives double down on such things. The problem is-is that the majority of people cannot see this movement for what it is. It is pushed as the next *progressive* and *moral* thing to advocate for, even by the media, and people just follow suit.

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