What is Alt-Right?

Hmmm, Damian…  You seem to be partially right, there was no “alt-left” until Trump coined the term, but where you are wrong is in your assertion that there is no “alt-left” relative to what Trump was implying and what most are now implying. The alt-left is basically any far left group, the Regressives aka Neo-Progressives, the Anarcho-Communists aka Antifa and so on. Yes, “Alt-right” has been used as a label for a certain sect of people but to the media and most of the left, everyone against their ideals aka any centrist or conservative is automatically grouped up with the Alt-right. By doing this, you ostracize millions of people incorrectly. But it is in your nature to do so. It is so much easier to just group all opposing ideas under one “hateful banner”. I can spot the difference between Antifa and a regular, modern liberal. You can’t spot the difference between a Neo-Nazi and a left-leaning conservative. Yes, by spouting “alt-left” I am taking part in the very rhetoric that I just argued against – Grouping up different philosophies under one banner – and so I won’t do it.

The Alt-Right is simply an Ethno-Nationalism movement. That is it. They are against a depleting White Majority in their Country. They are not White Supremacists aka KKK. They are not National Socialists aka Neo-Nazis. Their movement does not focus on anti-feminist ideals. There is a direct difference between all these groups.

Be reminded that I do not agree with the philosophy of the Alt-Right.

I am a slightly-right-leaning-centrist.

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