I was wrong about Individualism and Collectivism.

I was wrong about individualism and collectivism. Primarily, after reading some Plato and just my slow realization of certain things, I have come to think differently about the two ‘isms.

Hyper-individualism is a disease within a society, so long as it is allowed. Western democracy inevitably leads to hyper-individualism because of what “democracy” truly is: The complete freedom of the individual. As we progress forward as Democratic countries, we also progress towards pure degeneracy; a hedonistic nightmare that corrupts any and all traditional good. Think Weimar Republic, but worse.

Collectivism, in it’s known forms, at least to me, is also a plague upon this Earth. Think outside of the collective and you are demonized, hunted for your “outrageous” opinion. Collectives can take all forms, but what fits the profile the best, in this current period, is the Neo-Progressive Collective. Try to question the NProgressiveC? You are ousted, blamed, stereotyped, demonized, hunted, and ultimately pushed out of popular society. The collective will not argue with you simply because they “already know they are right” and you are the beast in the shadows, the wolf.

But what if a collective can be a good thing? Just imagine for a moment, that we, give or take a few decades, are in the perfect society, perfect mindset, perfect philosophy. What can possibly change this perfection? True Democracy. As we progress towards Hyper-Individualism we taint what we believed to be the gold standard. Nothing is good in its extreme. This perfectly explains why republicans and liberals are so polarized at this moment in time, why those who are logical and pro-free speech are butting against free-speech liberals who are also “logical” in their thought. We have to realize, as a collective, that we don’t want to progress any further. As Plato stated in his Republic, Democracy is literally a step away from Tyranny; requires the right conditions.

There has to be a standard. A set of traditions. A set of morals for society to follow. Western Democracy progresses away from such things, leading us to chaos. Therefore, Individualism in its extreme is detrimental, and a collective in a limited form is beneficial. The best of both worlds?

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