Are you against a Meritocracy?

Why? Do you hate the fact that everyone is responsible for their own ability to accomplish things in life? Do you believe that certain races are inferior and need help getting up the ladder?

Good, you are a modern liberal, mindlessly indulged in Identitarian politics. White Liberals, especially, have “discovered” that they are in privileged state and must accommodate everyone else. They spout the same rhetoric, saying that minorities “need” our help, “need” our intervention BECAUSE they can’t possibly help themselves… right?….

Think about it. What does this sort of rhetoric provoke in the audience it is addressing: pure victimhood. White Liberals have pushed victimhood into the minds of the minority youth, liberal policies have created these welfare circles where families never escape the rotational momentum. There is absolutely nothing stopping, or more specifically, shaming away a black person from pursuing welfare. What we have instead is a social atmosphere that says “You should take welfare, you deserve other peoples money because the system is oppressing you!”. And once they fall into the cycle there is little leading them out of it; mixture of becomimg comfortable, hating the system, believing the system won’t allow them to go further, and most importantly a toxic culture.

Why is this allowed? Because White liberals and others make it seem like it is needed, necessary, important, and mandatory.

This is why our system is so fucked. We are embracing a nipple-feeding state. Those in control push the idea that the minority are helpless and need our intervention. In the same hand, they solidify the vote they will receive from that minority by pushing for policies which are labeled as morally imperative aid to that minority, even though the policy just pushes the minority further down the ladder. The minority will always vote for their own interest even though it is misperceived-this goes back to them being told they are oppressed.

The further we venture away from merit or personal responsibility, the worse we become as a society. There are no “groups” of victims in society, no one is a victim. Life is just a ladder, some people start higher on the ladder than others, but everyone can reach the top.

It is what we make of it ourselves that determines whether we win the game or not. Blacks, especially, have been in the limelight, they are given so many advantages and yet they continue to revolt against the people who do them no harm… wanting more, paddling in the self-indulgence pool of victimhood. White Liberals preach this stuff and the minority eats it up. A backwards system. They should revolt against the liberal elite that indoctrinates their youth, that feeds them these lies, causing them to be blind to all the opportunities that are right in their face.

Help people better themselves, don’t help people by conforming the system around their inabilities.



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